Mar 3, 2007


Chag Sameach! It's Purim!

After much debate between going to the big shul's Purim boozefest or the little shul's Drag King-as-Queen Esther hoedown, it looks like Irish Ho and I will be heading to the big shul's boozefest. Irish Ho is a super pal and always sticks close for the Jewy holidays and does them up right, so I sometimes give her the Honorary Member of the Tribe title. I've busted out Shabbat candles and Chanukah candles in front of her so many times, she practically knows the brachot in her little Catholic heart. Anyway, Irish Ho wants to help do it up for Purim, so I decided to give her the full experience at the big shul. I mean, last year was pretty delightful at this synagogue, so what the plop, eh?

I don't half-ass the Megillah reading, either. Nope, I fix a cocktail, get my gragger ready to roll and sit my ass down for the long haul. Tonight likely won't be nearly as lively as this dude's Purim party, but it'll still be a hoot.

If you're up for a little read, this is an interesting feminist take on the whole mess tonight.

Oh, and speaking of fabulous ladies, head over and say hello at Yo Yenta's place and read her Purim post. I laughed, I gasped, I laughed some more!


Wings - john k said...

Are you sure that guy's pictures were of a Purim Party and not the Mardi Gras before Katrina?

Hmmmm ... and here I always thought Leah's motivation was a spiritual awakening.

If I'm standing outside the big shul tonight with beads to throw will you ... Nope not gonna go there, wouldn't be prudent. ;)

Leah in Chicago said...

I'll be at a quiet event, but the Rabbi's bringing the alcohol... hmmm... should mean some decent wine.

Enjoy Big Shul... Maybe next year I'll do it.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Go on Johnny K, throw dem beads, we knows you wanna.

"jew" "girl" said...

what was on the dress up menu for the evening, dahlink?

Amy Guth said...

Uh, despite the costumes, booze and jubilation, Purim isn't Jewish Mardi Gras. Well, okay, it sort of is, but we don't have beads.

Maybe I'll start that tradition next year. The rabbis'll love it.