Mar 21, 2007


Now that was a great reading! I just love The Book Cellar so much.

Seriously, what a good time tonight. It was very casual and low-key and just plain fun. And what a supportive bookstore and audience, really. You feel that sort of thing, you really do. You know when the bookstore staff is behind you, you know when your audience is behind you. You just do. And tonight, they were and it was wonderful.

We were kickin' it alphabetically, so I was first up.

I read the opening strings section and the Carmen overdose/explanation of rain's function section, which I enjoy reading, but especially enjoyed tonight, as it was raining like mad as I read.

Then, Rick Karlin read from his book Show Biz Kids... I sat on the front row howling with laughter because not only is the book funny, but he's funny, and the combination was perfect. (Seriously, this book is so funny. I bought it immediately after and got him to sign my copy. So excited to read this.)

Then, Elaine Soloway read from her beautiful and touching Division Street Princess. I tried to be discreet, but I sat there with welled-up eyes the entire time she read. I love this book so much. So much, in fact, that even though I have already read it, I bought a second copy because I wanted her to autograph it for me.

So many people came out, too! Leah was there. Irish Ho was there with my new (but good) friend, artist Andrej "It smells like Europe, so I buy it" Didenko (I have one of his beautiful paintings right in front of me as I type this) and his partner, John. Sparkypoo was there (a big thanks to her for taking pics tonight!), with Princess Speedy and Xegbd. And, to my complete surprise and delight, Therapy Doc was there! And that only covers who I knew! I met so many fun folks who were good enough to come out in the crummy weather. So nice. So nice.

I stopped for a feta-hummus-sprouts-tomato-olive-balsamic pita and a margarita and bobbed my head to a little Joy Division as I nibbled. And, now, at long last, I am home with one very snuggly kitty and ready to for bed.

But, before I turn in, I have a favor to ask. I know this fella who had surgery today and his Ma is worried to bits about him. So, just for a sec, everyone shoot a happy, healthy thought towards southern California. Thanks.


Wings - john k said...

Looks like a great time, wish I was there. The pictures are great.

I was at the Studs Terkel and Andre Shiffren thing last night at StopSmiling and that blank wall leaves something to be desired as a back drop for pictures.

What is the projected release date for the second book?

TherapyDoc said...

Done. The reading rocked, my pleasure being there.

Elaine Soloway said...

Hi Amy,
I agree it was a special night with a real heartwarming vibe on the part of the authors, bookstore, and audience. Can't wait to read your book and Rick's. Thanks for the pix and write-up.

Doctor Bean said...

Good wishes to So Cal Surgery Man.

I'm in Southern California, and I'm a doctor (and I'm Jewish!) so you'd think I'd know him...

Johnny Yen said...

I'm sorry I missed the reading! I had to bring my son to the doctor. Keep me posted on future readings.

Hope things are good with your SoCal friend.

"jew" "girl" said...

so glad you posted about the reading. looks like it was quite perfect. aww, so great!

ya's all look so beauuutiful!