Mar 26, 2007


I conquered my fear of schmoozing. I can hang in front of a huge crowd. I do fine enough in tough heart-to-heart conversations. So, have I conquered it all? Nope. There is one frontier I have yet to work on, I realize. The casual hanging out conversations. The thing that schmoozing often leads to.

That's so silly, I realize! Over email and text, I'm great. But call me up just to say hello and I feel like a dork and a half. Invite me for coffee and I clam up. It's not a great quality and I suspect it frustrates people around me with the inclination to socialize more often. But, sometimes we have to get fed up with something before we can move away from it effectively.

Anyway, I had some thoughts over the weekend about this and will, of course, we mindful of it. I don't have to carry the whole conversation. I'm not a dick if I let a lull happen from time to time, in fact, sometimes a silence is rather good.

In other news, I added a little more pink to the pink, burgundy and brown masterpiece I call my hair and had a revelation about mitosis and the artful, historic and literary applications of it.


desiree said...

All very self-aware but don't overlook the fact that since your book has been out that you've had some totally phony people trying to engage you, so clamming up is pretty natural when you have to be suspicious that people are using you.

Jack's Shack said...

A good lull serves many purposes.

Doctor Bean said...

Say it strong; say it loud. "I'm an introvert, and I'm proud."