Mar 25, 2007


I feel really good today. The sun is shining, the air is warm, my cat has finally taken to is new, kosher, organic, not poisoned kitty food, I made a great cup of coffee this morning (I mean, really. A leisurely morning with a hot cup of strong, bitter Chicory coffee and a good crunchy bagel, a little radio and flipping through a magazine-- does it get better?), I'm wearing summer clothes, I'm getting my new window treatment up in my bedroom without any trouble (pausing to charge my drill battery), doing a little spring cleaning, and, well, there is just something about a nice homemade meal in the middle of the afternoon that just makes me glad. Something about taking time to check out and just relax and enjoy. It's good.

I turned on the television a bit ago to see the weather forecast for the week since I'm travelling, and stopped for a sec on the Jerry Falwell Global Warming: Debunked show. What a scream. It's so insane that it isn't even provoking, it's just, you know, ridiculous! I'm not even going to link to it. Hilar squared, as Schwartzeleh would say. In fact, click on through to this post she wrote about Jesus clowns. Speaking of Falwell. (Ahem.)

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Eric Riback said...

I know the feeling. First beautiful spring day here in Colorado. Windows are open. Crocuses and forsythia are out. I'm off for the week and after a day of rest yesterday am starting that spring cleaning. Tunes on the computer and dustrag in play.