Feb 3, 2007


Whimper. Sooo, it looks as if my shower pipes froze last night. I couldn't imagine why. I mean it's only 7 degrees with a low of three below zero today. Why would that make a pipe freeze? Oh. Right.

Anyway. I decided to pull hot water out of my bathroom sink and dump it into the tub and take a bath. I like baths. Baths are fine. But, then, I noticed the sink wasn't draining. So, I got under the sink and took the pipers apart, cleaned them, put them back together and voila. Perfectly fine sink. But, the shower, oy the shower. Not a drop. So, I filled every burner of my stove with large pots of water and a full teakettle, and in-between dashing from kitchen to bathroom, I filled a pot with water from my bathroom sink to dump into the tub. So, as you might have guessed. I'm blogging from my tub. I have my laptop on a little table/stool thing I keep nearby and I am in the tub. I actually made the water too hot, of course, with all of that water boiling, so I burned my toes and had to let it cool for a bit first.

But, I am happily soaking, about to scrub-a-dub and get myself squeaky clean. How funny. I, of course, have the shower water valve open, to encourage water movement in the pipes, as opposed to keeping it shut off and stagnating and thus, freezing again. And, I have the space heater blasting me in the face, in the hopes of warming the pipes beneath the tiles.

Watch, any second now, this idea of mine will actually start to work and a blast of icy water is going to shoot out and nail me square in the face. Watch!

Anyway, I'll deliver my Saturday playlist stortly. Just wanted to allow you a big laugh at my expense first. Good times, folks. Good times.


jake ryan of sixteen candles fame said...

you're naked? are you trying to kill me? oh it must be my lucky day. sure most people are naked when they bathe so of course you are naked but it is nice to think that you are nude in the moment you wrote that so it is like you are naked in the moment i read it too.

Leah said...

oh Amy. I'd offer you my shower, but you'd have to go outside and that would be worse than boiling water for a shower.

"jew" "girl" said...

aimala, you are a riot, doll face.

diane said...

GOD DAMMIT I knew Jake Ryan was going to jump on this one!! Ah Amy, why'd you have to go encourage him?
Sorry to hear about your frozen pipes though. That sucks. Been there before, it's the worst when it's too cold to go borrow someone else's shower!