Feb 3, 2007


Morning, sunshines. I spoke to my landlady last night, as there was still no sign of water. She's swinging by this afternoon to give things a look, as this morning I had a dome of water pushing up through my bathtub drain. I did the teakettle-and-pots-of-boiling-water-pioneer-bath again, and although it got me nice and clean, it did little to melt the ice. Oh, and my bathroom sink only has cold water available. A plumber is coming in the morning, because, as I'm sure you can imagine, scaring up a plumber on any Sunday, much less Superbowl Sunday is just not terribly easy. Ah well. I am well-scrubbed for today. I'll be cool until tomorrow morning.


I wrote this great post for you last night, then lost it and was on my way out the door so I didn't get a chance to rewrite it. Then, I came in from the windchill of twenty-five below evening and was too cold and tired to do much of anything but crawl under my covers and go right to sleep.

So, let's start over. That post must not have been meant to see the light of day, anyway. So, let me again welcome you to another edition of "If It Could Only Still Be Socially Acceptable To Make A Mix Tape, This Is What I Would Put On One This Week" Saturday, only a day late. No big deal. This week, since my city, heck, my region, is so consumed with sports fever, I decided to make this week's playlist a list of songs I would want played in sporting venue twer I a pro athlete.

1. Pio Mentirosa/Afro-Cuban All-Stars
2. Rock Lobster/B52's
3. Sunday Bloody Sunday/U2
4. Sabotage/The Beastie Boys
5. ANA NG/They Might Be Giants
6. First It Giveth/Queens of The Stone Age
7. The Druken Jew/Firewater
8. Nothing Achieving/The Police**
9. Machete/Moby
10. There Goes my Gun/Pixies
11. Trip Away/Jane's Addiction
12. Heights/Matisyahu
13. Black Friday Rule/Flogging Molly
14. Amy/Elton John
15. Bigmouth Strikes Again/Morrissey

(**The Police have announced they are doing a reunion tour this summer. Be still my heart! I still have a little lapel pin that my aunt (Z"L, of blessed memory) brought me back from a Police show in the early 80s. How can I not go?)

So, I went to a wonderful Tu B'Shevat seder last night. The High Holidays are my favorite, but I must admit that I like Tu B'Shevat a lot when it's done up. It's all environmental warm-fuzzies. What's not to like?

Oh, and although I feel perfectly fine, I sound raspy today. WTF? What? Is my throat frozen too? Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff that must be done before tomorrow morning, so I'm out.

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