Feb 2, 2007


Okay, footbal curmudgeon or not, it is kind of cool to see so many people so excited right in my very city.

Got plans for Sunday? Well, if you're like me and are not into football, you could always pop over to Animal Planet and watch Puppy Bowl. I watched it last year and almost peed! Cute little furry tinies, scurrying around on astroturf and a kitten halftime show. It's almost too adorable to bear.

But, the real order of business today is this: As I mentioned some time ago, an old friend from back in NY, Nasry Malak, after having the air date pushed back and pushed back, finally is up on Comedy Central's Motherload. Watch. Laugh as loudly as you can, then tell everyone you know. See, he's about to be so insanely famous and I know you're a trendsetter, so you might as well be the first in your group to talk about him. Aaaand, go...


Leah in Chicago said...

Yep, I sit up there in the top of the E or bottom of the B. I'm not sure.

Yeah, it was very fun to be downtown today and sit in a decorated building.

Amy Guth said...

I've always wondered how that works. Does a memo go out telling certain people to leave their office lights on or what?

Leah in Chicago said...

They have a team that goes to every office on the south side of the building. Tells them if you open or shut your shades and if you leave your light on or off.

Then, in case you might forget, they leave a note on your window for the duration. It's pretty cool.

"jew" "girl's" said...

I agree, whether you're into football or not, it's so exciting to see a city light up with anticipation and joy.

the puppybowl sounds too cute.

Eric Spitznagel said...

Puppy Bowl!!! Whoo-hooo! If you ask me, it's far more entertaining than actual football. How can you not love a sport where fouls are called for taking poop, and a tackle is usually followed by face licking? And the kitty halftime show, as far as I can remember, didn't have a single wardrobe malfunction last year.

Well, I for one will be watching every minute of it. And singing the "Puppy Bowl Shuffle" at the top of my lungs. It will probably require coming up with some new lyrics. Hmmmm.

"We are the Puppy
Shufflin' Crew
Shufflin' on down
Doin' it for you.

We're so damn cute
We know we're good.
Chasin' our tails
Like we knew we would.

Chewin' on toys
Runnin' a lap
Drinkin' out da water dish
Then takin' a nap

We're not here
To start no trouble
We're just here
To do the Puppy Bowl Shuffle!"

Needs work, I know. Hey, did you hear about the bunny tailgate party they've added this year? I am not kidding. My brain may implode.

diane said...

I can't believe Prince is doing the half time show (in the football Superbowl, not the Puppy Bowl, although that would be funny too). After the whole Janet debacle, they are letting Prince Assless Pants do the show???