Feb 7, 2007


So, every faucet in my apartment is running, dudes are clonking around my bathroom and ohh-la-wee I sure need to pee. To kick everyone out of my bathroom would involve setting pipes, blowtorches, drywall, and tools down, and, well, since there are holes ripped into the walls and floor, throwing everyone out or even shutting the door still wouldn't offer much privacy. okay, I'm just going to keep focusing on work.

Must. Ignore. Running. Water. And not. Think. About. Peeing.

UPDATE: Couldn't bear it another moment. I just popped into the bathroom, threw everyone out, covered the hole in the floor and made attendance in my living room (far away from the holes in the wall) mandatory. Ahhh....

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diane said...

I'm laughing thinking of you hopping back and forth doing the "gotta pee" dance. :) Thank goodness when I had my bathroom fixed they took pretty regular breaks. Of course, that meant it took them four days to fix everything... *sigh*