Feb 7, 2007


Announcer: Meanwhile, let's check in on our story's heroine as her shower saga continues! (Bum! Bum! Bum!)

Hi folks. So, let me bring you up to speed. My kitchen light fixture is upgraded, installed and awesome. My kitchen sink has a brand new faucet and sprayer which is also of superior quality.

The shower situation is on its was to resolution still. Today's progress is slightly hindered by a refreeze of the piping, as the daily high temperatures have yet to get much past ten degrees.

But, today, I snuck some photos for your entertainment/delight/horror! Behold!

This is the hole formerly known as my shower fixture:

(Of course, the clean-embracer in me is plenty skeeved out by the grease crap that lived below the fixture as seen in that pic.)

And, this is the back of my closet:

Yesterday, my downstairs neighbor neglected to be home or return the landlady's calls, so there was no access to her apartment and thus no access to the underbelly of my bathtub. So, I dashed out for the borrow-a-nearby-shower routine again. But, today, oh today, my hopes are quite high that by lunchtime, I might just get to use my own (fully-functional) shower.

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