Feb 7, 2007


I never want to blog about my shower again.

As of this post, I have a new, working shower and thawed out bathroom sink and the running toilet has also been fixed without recreating condensation on the tank. My closet wall has been replaced with a drywall patch with joint mud currently drying it in place. What is missing? What is preventing this story from having a completely happy ending just yet? The drain has frozen and the blowtorches must now be applied to the crawl space near the garden apartment's plumbing. And, to do that, they need to tear a hole in the wall of the crawl space to gain access to the frozen pipe. And, the sun is setting. And, when the sun sets on a day that is 8 degrees, well, you can see where this is going.

The team of dudes has gone home for tonight because there isn't much else they can really do tonight. I can't really bitch. They didn't stop even to eat or rest all day (What? I offered them!) and I do get to have a hot shower in my own shower tonight. I just have to bail the water out after I'm finished. And, uh, keep changing the rags stuffed in the sewer pipe under the radiator because it's frozen further down (that's the pip that needs to be thawed in the crawl space) and won't drain. (Is it completely lame that I had a ""Ha! I was right all along!" moment at the end of the day?)

Anyway, the deconstruction of the crawl space to access the pipe happens tomorrow morning at 8am. I really hope this crap is finished after that. I emphasized that my meeting/conference call/thing tomorrow is shortly after lunch and cannot be rescheduled. I've again been assured that access to my apartment tomorrow is only needed briefly, so I will be fine to leave.

So, with the team of dudes in my apartment this week and particularly all day today, I have obviously not written. I have been able to take care of the little nagging fact-finding missions and emails that I've needed to catch up on and this is the first five minutes kitty and I have had to ourselves all day.

I'm going to put some dinner on, pour a glass of wine, take a shower, um bail the tub out into the sink and toilet and catch up on some things I need to look over.


Well, as Skirmish of Wit sometimes says, "Sometimes just being okay at the end of the day is all you can ask because, after all, that's better than a poke in the eye." Indeed, Skirmy. Indeed.

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Jack's Shack said...

Just one more reason I love living in a warmer climate.