Feb 16, 2007


There is this great thing that a lot of bloggers I adore do. They look at the keywords people are searching that land them on their blogs and, sometimes, post exactly that. See, Johnny Yen's Ode to Iggy Pop and Sprawling Ramshckle Compound's musings on Sybil Danning par example.

Anyway, I thought to do the same, but realized that would likely not be terribly entertaining to most of you if I elaborated too much on any of them. My recent blog keyord searches include: "different ways to fuck", "frozen shower drain" (okay, that one I can really understand-- see last week), "so run down to the safety of the town" (lyrics-- fair enough), "small town witch sneaker pimps" (uh, no idea), "girl poop in my mouth" (yeah, no idea), "amy bender doing it porn" (wtf?), "sleeping with blonde girl fucked up" (who are you people?), "beautiful girl you fucker" (does that me a beautiful girl you have realtions with or is it more like "Hey, you fucker she's a beautiful girl"...?)

My website is far less useful for elaboative fodder, with the only Google hits arriving there are searches for "Amy Guth" (duh), "Three Fallen Women" (duh), "Dextek pens (big duh), and the slightly mysterious "Amy Guth three fallen award winner"... Eh well, as soon as I get a hit worth elaborating upon, rest assured that I will gladly deliver to the searcher exactly what they are looking for.

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