Feb 16, 2007


Today, I issued myself a CFD (calm the eff down) card, as a dear friend of mine would say (another on the list of people I am more than a wee bit overdue in calling). See, I just lost my sense of moderation lately, which I've always been great about. So, I sort of hit a little wall the other day and just knew I had to put things back into proper balance. It's tricky when you really enjoy what you do for a living, I think. If I didn't love this writing/editing racket, I would go do something else. So, enjoying it as I do, it's easy to get caught up and just try to do too much.

So, yesterday, I went to help a friend with absolutely zero internet saavy get online. I looked over his computer and let him know that the reason his computer wasn't functioning was that he needed a power source... sigh. So, with an unexpected opening in my schedule, and a creeping-up migraine, I went and got a loud adjustment on my back, neck and hips. POP! Love it. Headache gone. Ahh...

I have a solid ticket to the coast Sunday, but I'm trying for a standby flight beforehand. See, my parents up and moved to the beach a few years ago, and I am overdue in visiting them. So, that's where I'll be. I had an, um, over-enthusiastic reader try to contact them once before, so we'll just say the coast and leave it at that if you folks don't mind. But, fear not! I will blog and work from there a bit, so nobody cry.

Today, I am listening to crappy 80s pop music and coloring my hair. This might be my greatest hair creation yet. Magenta, plum and brown. I have foil and stripes and chopsticks and paintbrushes and pins and all sorts of crap holding different sections of my hair here and there. So fun.

But, point being, I'm not going to knock myself out and stress today. I'm going to clean my apartment, finish coloring my hair, play with my cat, cook a little, do some good yoga, maybe call a few people I haven't talked to in a while, listen to music and if I feel inspired to do a little work, I'll do a little work. Mostly, I'm just going to chill.

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diane said...

Way cool!!
You are blessed that you enjoy what you do for a living. But I hear ya--when you like what you do, it is much more difficult to practice moderation.
(says she that promised herself a calmer, easygoing day today after probably making herself sick stressing over stupid little work things all week)