Feb 16, 2007


You guys are going to love this one. (Why am I blogging every few minutes?)

I have all sorts of haircolor crap on my head and I just went to turn on my shower to rinse it all out and guess what? MY WATER IS OUT AGAIN.

I picked up one of the three haircolor bottles to see if I could fit my head under my sink and the slippery little shit opped out of my hand and shot a magenta arch of color across my bathroom, landing on the wall, the tile, ceiling, the window and the mirror.

Am I going to have to drive someplace to rinse my head? Or worse, take the train? Haha, this is so funny. Oh my g-d, this is going to be a weird day, I can just tell.


Eric Riback said...

Oh, I wanna see a picture of you now!

Doctor Bean said...

"of nothing in particular"