Jan 27, 2007


Okay, the Guth-a-Go-Go elves have cooked up one mammoth of a contest this time. I mean, it's so ambitious that I'm almost hesitant to allow it, but the elves are really pushy, so there's really no sense fighting them anymore. Anyway, here goes. They write...

Ready for another contest? We thought you might be. So here it is, The "Friends In High Places" Contest. Here's the deal. You get your copy of Three Fallen Women into the hands of a famous, marginally famous or about-to-be-famous person and take a picture. That's it. The winner gets a little goodie basket from the Guth-a-Go-Go elves with all sorts of fun stuff like a t-shirt, stickers, a lapel pin and more and whatever projects the winner happens to be trying to promote, will get properly promoted on her blog. Now, bear in mind three things:

1) Fame is pretty iffy, so the contest will be graded on a curve. If the most famous person pictured holding Three Fallen Women ends up being a mayor of a town nobody has ever heard of except for the people who live there, so be it. That'll be the winner. Which leads to the next point...

2) The term "famous" is going to be judged by Ms. Guth and her inner circle of friends. So, bear in mind that while, say, Paris Hilton is more of a household name than, uh, David Lynch, Ms. Guth is a big David Lynch fan and therefore that entry is more likely to win. Quality and character count big in Guthtopia.

3) Your celebrity has got to be a willing participant. We don't want to hear any complaints from Ms. Famous-So-and-So's team of well-paid lawyers about how you stalked, threw books, blackmailed, etc. Everyone has a connection to someone, most people are pretty approachable and, for crying out loud, it's all in good fun.

So, once you have your pic, send it over by email. Enter as many times as you like. Don't let us stop you. If you have a lot of dirt on people or if a lot of people owe you favors, they should leap at the opportunity. All entries must be emailed by the last day of March. Winners will be announced on April 13th.
(I think it's cute how they expect me to announce the winner on my birthday. Pssh.)

So, you read it. Now go for it. Here is an excellent example. I took this one of Providence, RI's kick-ass improv team, Improv Jones.

I'd like to add that since the Guth-a-Go-Go elves don't specify any type of fame, that I'm open. Academic, social, artistic, scientific, political, legal, criminal, etc. Whatever. And you know, go easy on the PhotoShop, eh?

(Oh please, I know at least four of you who can enter the contest with a self-portrait and stand a pretty good chance of winning. Hello? This one is so easy.)


London Greg is Falling Down said...

Great idea. I'm an expat in the UK-- will you accept UK celebrities? By the way which bookshops have your book on my side of the world?

Amy Guth said...

Hey London Greg. Clever name there...

I'm working on the Euro-situation. Give me time, my friend. But, in the meantime, if you order straight from the publisher we'll send you one anywhere in the world.

Uh, or I'll send you one if you send me a little HP curry sauce...? I love that shit.