Dec 24, 2006


Last night, I went out to Knishmas and had a blast. Everyone go over to Jewish Fringe and tell Mr. Mensch (Adam Davis) what a kickass job he did putting it all together.

That was me in the pigtails getting the hora going. Both times. Sure, I had help, but, um yeah, that was me up there. Considering I drank very little and wasn't anywhere near tipsy, I have a wicked hangover today. Nothing that a little Chinese and a movie won't fix.


diane said...

Glad you had fun!! Take it easy today.
Great story on 6 Sentences, too!
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the song.

I see you've done a good job at marketing your book, why don’t you blog on how it’s selling? Maybe answer some questions like; Do you still cringe when you look at it? How long does the sense of accomplishment last? First books are difficult, are you working on the second? Will the second one will be any easier? What’s your personal life like? Are you attached? (sorry, I’m not sure how that one snuck in.) What is the working title of the second book?

Thanks and Peace,