Dec 18, 2006


Welcome to the fourth night of my Chanukah Blog Tour!

Last night OrieYenta, Rational Leftist and JewishyIrishy did their thing and today we get to meet four new friends!

First, we meet Tamara Eden, as she spills the scoop on her Dad's latke recipe.

Then, let's meet "One Dope Boy and a Rental Car" from Jews Like Bagels as he teaches us how to play strip dreidel, explains why his falafel date cut their date short to go to church and tells us the secret we must keep from his Ma.

Then, let's meet Eric from Earth Observation and raise a "right on!" fist like I did when you read his thoughts on making Chanukah visible, or not.

And, last but not at all least, meet Madeline, the bang-the-table-with-your-fist-funny Madeline of Mad Words who has the best idea I have ever heard for making dreidel more interesting. (Um, and she thinks my glasses are "hot" and put up a funny post a day or two ago about The Neverending Story, so we're friends now. I decided. Just now. Yes. My new BFF. There you have it.)

Happy Chanukah and see everyone back here tomorrow night to meet our bloggers of night FIVE. Is this cool, or what? I am having so much fun discovering all of these great blogs to add to my regular reads.

In other news totally not related to Chanukah, miracles, military holidays, olive oil, candles, Jewish bloggers and virtual book tours, my landlord came by this morning and installed a combination carbon monoxide-smoke detector that simply must be the cutting edge of such devices. It beeps like a mofo, just like any old alarm does, sure, but there is a digital sort of voice on it that says "Fire. Please note. Fire." or "Your carbon monoxide levels are currently high. Your carbon monoxide levels are currently high." Fancy PANTS!


Adam Shprintzen said...

I am cracking up for some reason, at the thought of every now and again the detector saying something like, "Carbon monoxide levels are high. I blame the Mexican immigrants."

Or perhaps, "Fire. Evacuate the women and children first. Leave the Jews."

Amy Guth said...

Yeah, I wonder if I can reprogram it to say something like "Carbon monoxide levels are high but your legs look delightful in those shoes."

Madeline Glass said...

Oh, now I'm blushing.

This was fun, Amy. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I have one of those fancy detectors...word of advice, NEVER let the battery run down. You will regret it because it somehow knows to starting screaching at 3am when you are way to tired to put in a new battery. Seriously. Change the battery every time we set the clocks forward/back.

Eric Riback said...

Thanks for inviting me in. I enjoyed this and it gave me an outlet for my rant about Chanukah in America.