Dec 18, 2006


Oh, guess what? I just had the lovliest conversation with Rob from Six Sentences and it looks like my piece, In the Air and On the Sidewalks will be posted over there on December 24th. What? You haven't been to Six Sentences? Well, head on over right now and check it out. It's harder to write a whole story in six sentences than you might think. You should give it a try and send your piece his way.


diane said...

That is fantastic! Rob is super great, too. Woot!

Amy Guth said...

Diane should know, too. Read this lovely piece of hers that ran there a few months ago by clicking here.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Amy – it’s nice to see one’s hard work pay off.

Say, I’m off in a few days so have a restful holiday and maybe I’ll catch your blog while I’m on the road.