Feb 9, 2009


This week, Chicago is going to be over-run with literary types, due to AWP. While most of the auction is downtown in the Loop, there are plenty of post-event events, pre-event events and satellite events. And, at one such event, I will be reading. What is this event, you ask? Why, it's none other than Reading Under the Influence!

Read this:

"This month, we're also breaking our traditional format. We'll have 13 readers performing original short works, with one trivia question (for a prize!) at the end of each reading. Featured readers include:

From Dzanc Books--Michael Czyzniejewski, (author of the newly released “Elephants in Our Bedroom” and co-editor in chief of Mid-America Review), Matt Bell of Monkeybicycle, an imprint of Dzanc, and Kyle Minor; from Juked--John Wang (founder and editor) and Lindsay Walker (poetry editor); and from Smokelong Quarterly (flash fiction)--Kim Chinquee, Dave Clapper (founder and editor), Sean Lovelace, Darlin' Neal, Gail Siegel, and Donna D. Vitucci.

We're also featuring local writer Amy Guth (founder of Pilcrow Literary Festival and managing editor of So New Media); and RUI's newest regular member, Gabe Levinson (creator of SomethingToRead.net and the Book Bike).

Got all that? Want to know more about RUI? Check out the video.

Reading Under The Influence, 7-10pm
Wednesday, February 11th
Back room @ Sheffield's (truly a fine watering hole)
3258 N. Sheffield
$3 cover

See you there!

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Dan Wickett said...

Outstanding to hear you'll be at at least one of the offsite events I'm going to be at! Can't wait to hear you read.