Feb 26, 2009


The section I keep on the upper right sidebar there, the "What She's Doing Now" section, is a perpetually updated, perpetually prioritized mini list of all the things I'm working on in a given week or month. There is a good bit of detail to add for a few of the things I'm working on at the moment, so I thought I'd offer a bit more on a couple of them:

Sleepover 2.0: A small group of women in Chicago's tech and media fields, myself included, are gathering in the Chairman's suite of Hotel Sax and streaming live for eighteen hours, as we use the girlhood model of the sleepover-- where good ideas always flow-- and creating a more sophisticated and tech-savvy version to include product giveaways, viewers participation, surprise guests and panel discussions. We'll be streaming live on March 7th from 4pm until 10am, with giveaways and participation opportunities throughout various points of the night. Will it be all techy-seriousness? Absolutely not; we have a liquor sponsor, and a couple of cocktails plus staying awake all night with the brainstorm a-team is surely bound to unravel to silliness. Anyway, visit the website to watch. I'd like to suggest later in the evening, rather than earlier. Or, perhaps very early Sunday morning. Enjoy a preview here on YouTube. UPDATE: Read what NBC5 had to say about it, too.

Pilcrow: Pilcrow Lit Fest is on again this year in Chicago, from May 17th through 23rd. The festival kicks-off with an opening night mega-cocktail party on Sunday May 17th, then hosts a series of satellite events around the city, showcasing the various reading series and literary events throughout Chicago. Then, on Saturday, May 23rd, the festival hosts panel discussions and workshops in two neighboring locations in Lakeview, with a very special party, event and auction like last year, only with a very wild twist. As for the auction, we are again holding the Rebuilt Books auction, where authors destroy their own book, then rebuild it into a piece of art to be auctioned off that evening. So, get to destroyin'. And, I'd like to go ahead and add to the rumor mill a bit: yes, Pilcrow will become a dual-location festival soon. Stay tuned for that.

So New Publishing: I love this gig. Watch for American Soma by Savannah Schroll Guz shortly. In fact, during the night of Sleepover 2.0, I'll be giving away a couple of So New titles throughout the night, including the fine privilege of owning a copy of American Soma before it is available elsewhere. We are looking for an assoc. editor at the moment, as well. Interested parties may email me.

More projects and projects updates shortly. The next couple of things I have in the works are quite fun and different, too.

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