Sep 15, 2008


As some of you might know, it feels like the country is underwater. I exaggerate that, of course, but yesterday, Chicago, along with several other places, flooded. Granted, other parts of the country, hell, parts of the world, are flooded far worse, but nevertheless, I hopped into my rainboots and went to see how I could help out. I took a few photographs, and you'll notice how the waters levels are far higher in some pics.

Notice in this photograph how quickly the water is moving. Even in water just over my ankles, the current was strong enough. Hence the "stay the hell out of even shallow flood water" warning we often hear around flood areas. Tis sage advice.

I was waiting for a line of backhoes and bulldozers filled with sandbags to pass near this fire hydrant and, like a dingus, wasn't particularly anticipating the wake that would follow the equipment. Dingus.

This woman and her husband were wading between their backdoor (pictured) and garage side door, after they dismissed their flooding cars in the garage and alley with a sort of "meh" shrug.

And I whipped around when I heard a little voice excitedly talking about fishing to see a dad and little boy (note the tiny hands on the spindles) making the best of the situation, I suppose.

This fence was swaying a little in the water, and making a funky noise that I associate with a tennis court. I don't know if it was debris hitting the fence or just he taught chain-link pinging under stress or what.

And this fence is, uh, pretty much done.

Hit my flickr page for the flood set for more pics, if you like.


Sizzle said...

Wow! That's a lot of water! Glad you are ok.

Bubs said...

Glad you don't have a basement apartment...

As of Sunday night a lot of the roads around Park Ridge and Des Plaines were still closed. said...

Oh my. That's a bit scary. Thanks for sharing the pics.