Sep 17, 2008


We haven't talked about keywords in a while, gang. Get a load of these! The following, apparently, will land one on this very blog:

rainboots (see previous post)
amy guth (doy)
prudence never pays (perhaps not)
amy guth blog (welcome)
bigmouth indeed strikes again (ditto)
vodou offering flower petals (ah, that fateful day in New Orleans when I was charmed for good)
veggie brisket (I have to say, my recipe is pretty great)
chinese stripper (no idea)
big mouth beads (whoa there)
nolafugees (fantastic publication, run by fine folks. Tell 'em I said hello)
i dreamt of a pregnant women (beats me. I have weird dreams, but I dunno about that one)
hurricane usa strikes again (interesting combination)
amie winehouse naked (I ask you: why is this something one might want to see?)
strippers solo (no idea)
kinahura yiddish (I spell it kaynahorah. But that's jsut me.)
dorrie the good witch (my favorite books as a child)
what animal has a big mouth (maybe a whale?)
franch fries franch toast franch dressing (Yes! Better Off Dead is a great, great movie)
i dreamt about you last night and i fell out of bed twice great (what sort is secret message could this be?)
woman with a big mouth pic (er, no idea)
chinese strippers (what gives with the strippers?)
flescors candy kitchen (Oh, have mercy! The honey caramel with sea salt is outstanding)
drunk stripper fuck (What are you even looking for?)

Well, there we have it.


wafelenbak said...

This one cracked me up:
"what animal has a big mouth"
--particularly your response. Hee.

David H. said...

Isn't it nice to know that you can still be surprised by an errant keyword?