Jul 27, 2008


Sunday Salon Chicago was a success this evening! I might even go so far as to put tonight's reading into my top five readings thus far.

Most Likely You'll Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine (which just went into pre-order) author Ben Tanzer read a very funny piece about Ira Glass. Then, Jill Summers read a very funny piece about a man and his boil (hear it here), and we started, but did not get to complete, a conversation about the fascinating lives of the elderly, particularly old ladies with very big secrets. Then, Shannon Burke read a bit from Black Flies, and, interestingly enough, read and spoke about seeing a head wound in New Orleans, which was similar to something I saw in New Orleans once that prompted me to jot the first bits of my second novel's manuscript, which I read this evening. No, not all of it, of course. Just the soup scene.

After, I had a most enjoyable conversation with Melanie Pappadis and Mike Zapata, both of whom I met previously during Pilcrow, and both delightful. Mike Zapata and I came up with a really, really good title for something I hope to write very, very soon and agreed that hosting a travel show might be the best job in the world.

Also: Tomorrow is the final day for submitting contest entries for the ScavenTour contest! Winners get a lot of link-love here on Bigmouth, and the grand prize winner gets a ton of link-love, a copy of my novel and a very fun gift basket. A super easy way to get me to blog all about you, your website and your projects, no?

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