Jul 23, 2008


Folks, as you know, I have a big roadtrip ahead. I've planned a few plans and I'm going to make a very fun contest out of it all. A ScavenTour, to be exact.

What is a ScavenTour, you ask? Well, it goes something like this:

Think of this contest like a scavenger hunt of activities. Activites that all of you will be asking me to do. Below, you'll find a list of cities that I'll be visiting on my trip. You, dear readers, are to think of some silly, or gut-checking sort of activities you'd like me to do in each of those cities and email me your list. (Think of the photographs I'll post to prove I did these things. Have fun with it, but keep it clean, fun and legal.)

Also, you also get one wildcard pick. It can be something in a town I'm passing through between cities. Or, maybe something general like "in a diner". Whatever. You pick.

Examples of activites might be like, "Okay, in so-and-so city, I'm like to see Amy Guth standing in a fountain and then, in such-and-such place, I'd like to see Amy Guth shooting schnapps with a person in a mascot costume" Whatever. I'm casting the net, and it's up to you dear readers, to fill it with fun.

I'm going to pick one activity for each destination, do that suggested activity, prove I did it in a photo, and post both the evidence and link0love to the person who suggested. But, I'm only going to do one suggested activity per city. So, send your best! If I pick your activity, I'm going to blog and link to you and your sites like crazy. And, the person who suggests the best ones overall will win a copy of my novel, Three Fallen Women, which I will lovingly sign to you, and a little gift basket filled with souveniers from each destination. Maybe really great gift basket stuff, maybe really silly gift basket stuff. We'll just have to wait and see.

I'm leaving in less than a week, so email your answers as soon as possible to amy at guthagogo dot com.

Got it? Ready? Okay, here is your list.

Chicago, Illinois
Memphis, Tennessee
Jackson, Mississippi
New Orleans, Louisiana
"undisclosed rural location", Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
+ 1 wildcard activity

Aaaand, go!


ME Strauss said...

I'd like to see Amy Guth in a field with a cow . . . while she's eating a girl scout cookie!

Amy Guth said...

Dang, I always manage to forget the Girl Scouts always totally skip my house every year, and I totally forget how super-delicious Thin Mints are... until you remind me. Ha/sigh.

Enigmo said...

I'd like to see Amy Guth on top of The Sears Tower, dropping a penny on innocent people walking to work. A "mythbuster" if you will.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see you cupping the nuts of the Archer statue at the Trammel Crow building Downtown Dallas @Coffeygrinds

egspoony said...

I'd like to see a picture or video of Amy Guth on the Loony Bin stage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... preferredly with a comic.

egspoony said...

How about a picture of Amy Guth holding a rubber chicken with Charlie and Donna Sims at Donna's Bar and Grill in NOLA... (New Orleans Louisiana)

Hoping it/they still around. Great music/food, or so I've read.

egspoony said...

Oh oh... Pictures of the Mynelle Gardens and hopefully a songbird or two as well, in Jackson, Mississippi... while eating a girl scout cookie?

Even better... go to the Thalia Mara Hall (named after a Chicago native) and take a picture of a picture of Thalia Mara... some proof you were there...

Or do both! haha!

egspoony said...

Sun Studio is the only location I can think of unique to Memphis... possibly a picture with a Presley mouth twinge.

Make sure to grab a pic of the old recorder if they have it on display!

Jess said...

I want to see Amy Guth posing with Calexis Davenport at the utterly fabulous Rose Room Drag Show in Dallas, TX!

Ben said...

How do you feel about drinking a vial of blood in front of Anne Rice's house in New Orleans?

sparkypoo said...

I want to see Amy Guth giving a tarot reading in a New Orleans cemetary.

Amy Guth said...


Don't forget!! Be sure to throw in more than one city to be eligible to be the overall winner.

Thanks for eveyoe commenting, and also to folks emailing their answers to me at amy at guthagogo dot com. Keep 'em coming on both counts. Thanks!

Jlbury75 said...

I'd like to see Amy Guth dress like elvis and sing one of his songs in front of graceland in Memphis Tennessee!

Bridget said...

I'd like to see Amy Guth giving blood at the New Orleans American Red Cross ...then enjoying a strawberry daquiri with some fellow donators at the closest bar to get her blood sugar back up!

Bridget said...

I'd also like to see Amy Guth milking a cow in an "undisclosed rural location."

And arm wrestling the Chicago Cubs mascot in Chicago.

sparkypoo said...

I will add that I'd like to see Amy Guth race someone else across Soldier Field. Hell, she can race ME if she wants. ;)

April said...

I would like to see Amy Guth suck the head of a fresh crawdad in New Orleans, LA!

John at Hella Sound said...

Here's what I got:

::Chicago, Illinois:: Enjoy a hotdog at Portillo's, the finest dog establishment in the universe.
::Memphis, Tennessee:: Sing Johnny Cash's "Get Rhythm" in front of Sun Studios, a tip bucket prominently displayed.
::Jackson, Mississippi:: Hold a sign that says "New Orleans or Bust" on the side of the I-55, hitchhiker style (thumb out).
::New Orleans, Louisiana:: Option 1: Enjoy a sazerac. Or at least try to (blech!). Option 2: Visit Mr. Brad Pitt's 9th Ward development, preferably wearing something that matches the pink tents.
::"undisclosed rural location", Louisiana:: Man, that's tough. How about attempt to cook something on the engine of your car during the trip (hot pocket, burrito, anything in tin foil--it's doable, trust me), and coaxing a stranger into eating it.
::Shreveport, Louisiana:: Take a jog over the Texas Street Bridge.
::Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas:: Get hair styled as large as humanly possible in a local salon. I mean big. Like Aquanet big.
::Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:: Target practice in an OKC gun range? Wear ear protection tho.
::+ 1 wildcard activity:: Find a busy street corner somewhere, step up on a bench or low wall or something soapbox-style and tell the world something you'd never (in a million years) share otherwise. Personal, political, whatever. The busier the better, in the hopes of retaining your anonymity...

Amy Guth said...

John! Now that is how it's done.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'd like to see Amy Guth standing in front of the Superdome in New Orleans in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey.

(I have several if you need to borrow one.)

Caitlín Rosberg said...

Go to the Navy Pier IMAX movie theater and pose with some in a costume...preferably Joker or one of his henchmen. If possible...convince him/her/them to go up on the ferris wheel with you and take a photo there, instead.

Wild Card:
Find an impersonator of some kind (Elvis in particular) and get them to hold a sign with their real name on it.

@scottfmurphy said...

I'd like to see Amy Guth take a brief detour on her way from Jackson to NOLA and stop at the "Shed" for the best BBQ anything in the entire universe.



Richard Galbraith said...

when in chicago i'd like you to see you inside the entrance to the chicago tribune, and then for you to pick your favourite quote inscribed on its walls and to get a picture in front of it with a big smile on your face. :D

Cameron Schaefer said...

In Oklahoma City:

Buy a formal dress at a thrift store, purchase some flowers and a tiara then stand in front of the Miss America statues at Oklahoma City University for at least 5 minutes...maybe sign some autographs, snap some photos with fans.

Here's the link to the statues:

sparkypoo said...

Wildcard: Leave a discarded tofu box behind a bed at a hotel, and another on the street. Oh, YOU KNOW WHY! :)

Nicholas said...

There is a gay country bar in Dallas (I know, I know) called the Round Up. I think you should go in character as a lesbian from down south named Peggy Sue or something else terribly cliche. Find a lesbian to two step with and buy you a shot. I'd say extra bonus points if you get a number.

3912 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, TX 75219


Louis said...

But having locals to each city suggest an event is way cooler. Locals know their town and can suggest fun off the beaten path events. I can think of some great OKC things but don't know much about, say, Chi-town. A "Best of" list would be great.

Nicholas said...

You already did my challenge. Boo, but yay!

Here's another one: (Not as cool though)

There is a drive in burger joint from the 60s that has amazing hamburgers. It looks rundown, a little scary and like the recipient of many prestigious Dallas Health Code violations. They also bring beer to your car and you can "drive-thru" and buy 6- and 12- packs. The place is called Keller's and is off Loop 12 & 75.

All the people who work there look like they've been employed since the place first opened. Your challenge is to pose as one of the employees and deliver burgers and beers to customers. Extra bonus points if you get a picture with the Dallas PD, or even more if you get one delivering them beer. :)

egspoony said...

Wildcard... Do a handstand near a typewriter. Extra points if you can type a twitter msg to me ala:

@egspoony here you go!

or something as such, while in the handstand in any city.

Anonymous said...

Chicago: Picture doing a handstand in front of Buckingham Fountain which is not far from the start of the original Rte 66 at Lake Shore and Jackson.
Memphis: Picture in front of PeeWee’s Saloon on Beale St smoking a cigar
Jackson:Picture in front of Andrew Jackson Statue at City Hall (be creative)
New Orleans:Picture of Amy making beignets at any bakery/café in New Orleans (Café Du Monde?)
“undisclosed rural location”,LA: Picture at the Tabasco factory or dancing to Zydeco or eating anything alligator (burger sausage)
Shreveport: Picture outside the Huey Long house with a straw boater on
Dallas/Ft worth: Picture in front of Bonnie and Clydes Grave handcuffed!
Ok City: Picture in front of the Gold Dome Bldg which is on Rte 66 drinking a milkshake
*wild card- Picture making bed with hotel/motel maid anywhere along the way

Barbara said...

Stop by obscure libraries along the way, donate a signed copy and take pictures. What could be better than a drop in visit from a famous Chicago author? Lots of publicity possibilities . . .

Rivster said...

OMG these are so amazing!!! I have nothing to suggest because my lack-of-imagination prevents me from coming up with my own ideas. But I can sure recognize creativity when I see it!

eric_gardenfork said...

In Shreveport, go have a burger at Fat Boys, make a video of the trip.

FatBoy's 1305 Centenary Boulevard

Gruven_Reuven said...

Chicago, Illinois - Picture on top of the Sears tower with @leahjones. Hold a sign saying "Starting at the top"

Memphis, Tennessee - Visit "the Pinch" made famous by former Memphis resident and Author Steve Stern

Jackson, Mississippi - Visit Beth Israel the ONLY Jewish Congregation in Jackson Mississippi (even chabad is not there!!)

New Orleans, Louisiana - Meet up with a member of Krewe du Mishigas (http://www.krewe.us/)

"undisclosed rural location", Louisiana - Picture of anything Judaica related. Perhaps a Mezzuzah on a door post

Shreveport, Louisiana - Visit the First Jewish Cemetery of Shreveport

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas - Meet up with SecondLife Israel Creator Beth "Odets" Brown

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Picture with you and Louis Green on a Oklahoma River Cruise

Anonymous said...

Chicago, Illinois - video of you wrapping the superbowl shuffle outside the Museum of Art ... because as you know I'm all about the arts

Memphis, Tennessee - Elvis and Sun records are too easy -- go to The Pink Palace and have a picture with the first Piggly Wiggly sign.

Jackson, Mississippi a picture of you typing your next novel on the steps of the Eudora Welty Home

New Orleans, Louisiana - nipple pinching a barebreasted painting at NOMA - ride provided

"undisclosed rural location", Louisiana - rural says one thing to me -- COWTIPPING

Shreveport, Louisiana have your picture taken with a member of the Shreveport Aftershock - it's all about girl power

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas - make a bit of graffitti in Deep Ellum

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - picture flipping a burger at Johnny's, with a hairnet - ala Savinmg Grace

+ 1 wildcard activity - anywhere on I -55 getting the kitchen and and wait staff of any Cracker Barrel to sit in the wooden rockers out front.

Louis said...

Chicago -

Memphis, Tennessee - Marching with the ducks at the Peabody Hotel.

Jackson, Mississippi Visiting the Governor's Mansion. (though I like the Eudora Welty suggestion better) Visited Jackson for a few days 10 years ago. Don't remember much.

New Orleans, Louisiana - Trip to Audobon Zoo and see if they really "axe for you." Either that or a trip to a Voodoo shop.

"undisclosed rural location" Visiting the Museum for the Southern Jewish Experience in Utica, MS.

Shreveport, Louisiana - be a casino greeter

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas - photo w/Big Tex at the Fair Grounds.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Clean the buffalo (see photos)

+ 1 wildcard activity - Visit Arcadia, Oklahoma & see the famous Round Barn & have a drink at Pops, http://www.pops66.com/ a new/retro landmark which carries 500 kinds of soda.

Louis said...

Oh, I forgot about Chicago. Hang out with the Bleacher Bums in Right field. Extra points for wearing a Cardinals cap.

Rayne of Terror said...

You should stop in Tuscola, IL at Flescor's Candy Kitchen for a chocolate.

Amy Lamb said...

Fun Things to Do in OKC area...looking forward to your visit!

http://www.pops66.com (soda shop thats fun for a road trip)

http://www.galileookc.com/ (fun, chill bar in the artsy fartsy paseo district)

http://www.loonybincomedy.com/ok/ (comedy club)

http://www.tobykeithsbar.com/ (the typical stereo typed 'Okie' experience all the beef / and Toby you can handle ;)

http://oklahoma.redhawks.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t238 Redhawks baseball...may i recommend the Thirsty Thursdays? $1 hotdogs / beers

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Whale_of_Catoosa (road trip to blue whale of cartoosa)

http://www.remingtonpark.com/ (horseraces)

http://www.okcmoa.com/cafe/cocktailsontheskyline (cocktails on the skyline) I need a date to this btw ;)

http://wimgo.com/events/37652/roman-art-from-the-louvre (Roman Art from Louvre)

http://www.frontiercity.com/ (Frontier City theme park)

shoot..i hope this sheds some light on kool okc really is..and we also have NBA TEAM NOW!! holla!!

sooo excited for your visit..i'm a social butterfly here and i'm telling everyone ;)

Anonymous said...

On the way stop in Kewanee go to the high school and hold up a sign that says THE BOILERMAKERS SUCK ... GO TIGERS!!!

Yeah, I'm a former tiger and the boilermakers DO suck...

Lee said...

Memphis, Tennessee: Jam Session in a Blues Club with the BB King or in his Club on Beale St.

Memphis, Tennessee: Photos of you in a W.A.C uniform from the 40's in front of the Memphis Bell B-17 on Mud Island. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mud_Island%2C_Memphis

"undisclosed rural location", Louisiana: photo shoot in front of a big white plantation mansion while dressed as an old southern bell from the 1800's.

Have fun!

Lee / aka JustaSunGod

Lee said...

Memphis, Tennessee: Jam Session in a Blues Club with the BB King or in his Club on Beale St.

Memphis, Tennessee: Photos of you in a W.A.C uniform from the 40's in front of the Memphis Bell B-17 on Mud Island. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mud_Island%2C_Memphis

"undisclosed rural location", Louisiana: photo shoot in front of a big white plantation mansion while dressed as an old southern bell from the 1800's.

Have fun!

Lee / aka JustaSunGod

Andrew said...

I'd love to see Amy, hugging a teddy bear, with a smirky look, by all of the 'Welcome to' signs in the city's she visits AND the states she goes into and out of.


keeponrunning on twitter

Pete said...

I want to see photos of The Guth engaged in the following:

Dallas - standing on a bar, belting out the lyrics to Joe Ely's "Dallas" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M30z7xsiGHc)

Oklahoma City - kissing the hindquarters of a mechanical bull

New Orleans - drinking skim milk from a Pat O'Briens hurricane glass

Elmo said...

wildcard: I want to see Amy trying to cash a huge check at any bank... :P

OKC: I want to see Amy pouring tea into the RedCup's Giant Read Cup! or trying to drink out of it.

newmediajim said...

harumph! Louis already beat me to it. besides, it's not all post-modern and fraught with irony. I wanted video of you marching with the ducks in lobby of the Memphis Peabody hotel. :)

N.L. Belardes said...

I sent you an email on my media attention-getting ideas. Best of luck! Rock it, sista! - n.l.

leah said...

I'm picking a wild-card.

Take a deck of cards with you, go to a major landmark, and have people play war with you.

Mmmm, maybe that's kind of boring.

In NOLA, try to deposit the very large check with Mary and everyone form NOPL. Like walk into the bank with the comical check and try to cash it.

No, wait, wild card.

In a field, with livestock, and the very large check.

Yes. Field + Livestock + Very Large Check.

Katie Schwartz said...

Ahhhkay, Miss Guth, here is what I would love to see you do:

The destination I leave to you. A vintage, old school diner with waitresses in proper, color coordinated uniforms as old as the diner. I would love a black and white image of you sitting at the counter drinking coffee from a heavy ceramic cup and matching saucer. Ensemble for saidoccasion would be a very Jackie O dress with large glasses and a pillbox hat.