Jul 18, 2008


For those of your fine people in and around Oklahoma City, I am coming to visit! As I believe I mentioned, I'm setting out soonish on an adventure and along the way, will pass through Oklahoma City. Friend-of-Guth, Louis Green, got wind of my plans and took the liberty of mentioning this to, and then putting me in touch with, the delightful Kit at Full Circle Books in his fair city, and I'll be reading there on August 12th.

How do you like that?

Then--wait it gets better-- he chats with Craig Roche of Galileo's in The Paseo and the two of them plotted out an after-event party, where I may or may not be doing an additional encore reading with more of an edge, if you will. Either way, we'll be cocktailing and hanging out after and it's going to be great and I hope to see many of your smiling faces.

Oklahomans, I will begin refreshing my memory of the lyrics to your state's namesake showtune. Because, let's not kid ourselves, I'm bound to sing it at some point, so I might as well have it right.


Katie Schwartz said...

Sounds like a great adventure indeed!

Bubs said...

Not to pimp my own blog, but this week's Weenie-Waver Wednesday! features a gal from Oklahoma. Yeesh.

Kim said...

How fitting is the title of this blog entry. . . I hope you made it to Galileo's that day. Craig Roche is my uncle, and he unexpectedly passed away yesterday morning. I truly hope you made it to see him. Music and the arts were a passion of his. And I know we will see him in far off places!