Jul 17, 2008


If you and I partook in the graffiti arts, dear readers, might it go something like this?

(Hat tip to Gruber for finding on FFFFOUND! and pointing it out.)

Also: Good news! My next set of litty travels through Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma City and shaping up to be rather awesome. What shall we name this jaunt? The Bayou Texahomippi Tour? Missihoma Texiana? And, the more important question: What will be this trip's theme song, hmm? Fun reading and event announcement tomorrow. Hold tight.


Nerd said...

Theme song? For you? Doy.

(Including all known lanthanides and actinides.)

Bubs said...

Texarkanahoma Summer Delta Bayou Bash Extravaganza?

And don't skimp on the catfish or cream gravy.

Amy Guth said...

Holy dang, Bubs, that's the perfect title!