Jul 7, 2008


Tomorrow evening, I'm doing a super fun reading series called Quickies! Quickies! is a monthly reading of very short prose. Each reader has five minutes to read a complete work of prose. No excerpts. No cheating. No nonsense. They blow whistles and kazoos and all sorts of stuff at readers if they go over five minutes by even a second. So, I'm practicing today, so make sure my piece fits. Here's hoping! If you're free, the Innertown is a darn good bar and I'd just love to see your smiling faces.

Tuesday, July 8 (That's tomorrow!)


Jessi Lee Gaylord
Matt Test

yours truly

Mary Hamilton

Lindsay Hunter

Maria Parrott
and Mary Cross

The details:


July 8

7:30 pm

The Innertown Pub

1935 W Thomas

(accessible by the Blue line (Damen or Division stop) #50 Damen bus and #70 Division bus)


Also, check out my interview on HellaSound.com about running and writing with HellaSound founder John Frenette.


Gail said...

great interview, Amy! And I sweay by the same running socks...

June Blazek said...

I swear once I have time away from getting edjamacated I will come to one of these.