Apr 10, 2008


Hey, I know times are tough and I know there are so many great organizations and worthy causes that need support, but I'm collecting your money for healthy boobs again. My goal is five hundred bucks for the Y-Me Mother's Day 5K. I started the ball rolling, and made a donation myself. Even a small donation is welcome and appreciated. In fact, this weekend, I am celebrating a rather, ahem milestoney birthday, and this is what I'm asking from you guys for said birthday. Money for boobs. I think that's a win-win for all involved.



Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

A "milestoney birthday"? You turn 21? Sweet!

Amy Guth said...

Ha, right?

My friend Sandy says "when it comes to birthdays ending in five or zero, you just say 'milestone' and leave it there. Those are the only birthdays other people can ever keep track of, so nobody will remember if you want to erase a few years later. Ha.

Jewgirl said...

Count me in, doll. A worthy cause indeed.

What a birthday this will be. Happy pre-birthday!

Bubs said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday!