Feb 23, 2008


Last night, there was a strange mix in the air of: awkward jokes, a fear I was turning into a stereotype, a momentary fear that I was speaking a different language than everyone else I know, I nice pep talk, a mouse running around all willy-nilly, a Bat Mitzvah in gold shoes, cinamon cake, a chance meeting with a large group of students, more awkward jokes, mistaken identity, a glitter baby boot, and discussion about whether or not anyone ever tattooed underwear on themselves. So far, I don't think so.

I had weird dreams last night and went for my dream dictionary this morning and found this funny pic of myself at around three-ish tucked in the book. Do enjoy this sweet haircut, which I suspect I might have done myself:


jewgirl said...

You had quite an eventful evening, child. love the tattooed undies discush.

you are the cutest kid evah. love the punim.

Momma Sparkypoo said...

I see that you had "grown-up" eyes at the age of three. I wish I'd known you then. I'll wager you were an interesting child - eager to learn and fun to talk with. Much like my own little sparkypoo. :)

Amy's Mom said...

WOW! Such a cutie patootie!!!
I remember that picture. That little green turtleneck. You wore it with overalls. And sometime a jumper. But what I see the most is just how much you look like your Aunt Meg. It's those eyes,
Momma Sparkypoo, Amy does indeed have "grown-up eyes". Always surprised us with her insight at such an early age. She was such a fun little kid. Making up stories and songs, acting, painting, singing. Always creating something new everyday. Life was never dull with her. She really kept me on my toes!