Feb 21, 2008


If you have a sec, which I assume you do if you are here, click over to the Time Out Chicago's blog and read the delightful little piece posted yesterday about Pilcrow Lit Fest. The festival, which, by the way, is just about in order and ready to roll May 22-25 here in Chicago. Sweet!

The navy shot the rogue satellite. The Pentagon said that "due to the relatively low altitude of the satellite at the time of the engagement, debris will begin to re-enter the earth's atmosphere immediately. Nearly all of the debris will burn up on reentry within 24-48 hours and the remaining debris should re-enter within 40 days." Hi, great. Oh, if I get clunked on the head with a piece of defunct national reconaissance satellite, I'll be pissed, for as we just read, I have a lit fest to swing around by the tail.

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sparkypoo said...

Great write-up! :)