Jan 12, 2008


I look so white trash with these big grey roots.

I decided a while back to grow out my grey hair to see where I stood with it. I started going grey young, to tell you the truth. I was maybe sixteen or seventeen when I found my first few silvers. Anyway, I've only touched up the pink in the front lately, but let everything else grow. Yowzers. The top is so grey, in fact, that it is almost more grey than brown. So, the new plan is the let the sides and back go, since those roots aren't visible, while the hair on top stays under the protective care of haircolor. Once the back and sides grow all the way out I'll let the top go in phases to catch up. All this to avoid silver roots. If I was braver or a dude, I'd crop my hair and be done. But I like my hair and don't feel up for a pixie. In the meantime, I have cut pictures of silver-haired ladies out of magazines. I found one that says "here comes they grey" and find myself studdying pictures of Emmylou Harris.

I'm in the "live more naturally" camp today, but give it a week, though, and I'll be back in the "I'll deal with this in a decade" camp. Then back to the naturalist camp, and so on and so forth.


Sizzle said...

i would be completely gray if i didn't color my hair. it's been like that since i was in my early 20's. i've decided that i can't go completely natural until i am in my 40s. but i love the overall gray/silver look. emmylou harris is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Gray is sexy. And Emmylou Harris is sexy (and amazing). So go gray. I'm getting gray hairs and I want more. Oh. And I am bringing sexy back. Or did someone already do that? Damn it!

Bubs said...

I think you'd be wonderful with silver hair. Then again, my bride has always said the same thing to me, and after 20 years of silver hair I dyed it dark brown, so what the hell do I know about anything.

Leah in Chicago said...

I can't wait to go gray and this photo of Emmylou is exactly why. The texture, the glamour, the sexiness.

It'll be awesome.

Amy's Mom said...

Being a woman of a certain age, I am now trying to decide to let my gray go or keep coloring. I always said, 50 and that't it. Well fifty has come and way gone and still I color. One time your dad and I were having this very discussion and he said, "When you think I look old enough to have a gray haired wife, you should let the gray go." How unfair was that! He was kinda kidding and then maybe not so much kidding.
With black hair, there is just no easy way to get to gray without having some reeeeally ugly roots for a while. It also makes my hair look like it is "floating" on my head. Another really bad look. So maybe I'll just pull a Britney, shave it off and get a wig.
So I guess my advise for you is it let is go now and save yourself the troubleof having to deal with it later. Besides, gray is in.