Jan 13, 2008


You know what I wish? I wish I could find one of those bodyforms for sewing, but not the new flimsy fuzzy-plastic ones, but the old stuffed fabric ones. In my size. You know what else I wish? I wish a dentist would stop me on the street and say "Your smile is pretty good, but I can make it better! If you'll be my guinea pig/model/before-and-after person, I'll do your dental work for free." I don't give too big a shit about cosmetic procedures, but MAN, I would love to flash a big ol' Miss America grin. My teeth are pretty good, but a little oomph would be nice.

With this post, and the previous, I think it's obvious I've been sitting around feeling under the weather for the last few days, getting stir crazy and doing weird shit like scrutinizing my hair roots and teeth and feeling the void in my sewing area. So it goes.

How was the weekend? Mine was pretty good. I found out the hard way (mostly via experience, unfortunately) that what I thought was all sinus pressure was partly a weird allergy that I had as a kid that's come back. But, I suspected it was returning, so whatever. Unfortunately, the reaction grew up, too, so, you know, being sick plus that little tidbit equals fuggetaboutit.

But, I say my weekend was "pretty good" because, well, that's good to know, and because I feel a whole hell of a lot better and I checked in on some kittens whose people were out of town and did low-key stuff and actually fucking held still and rested instead of pretending not to be under the weather.

And, just in time, too. I have stuff to do this week! But right now, I think I want a nap.


EditorJDC said...

I think you have an awesome smile.

sparkypoo said...

I'm very proud of you for resting. :-)

Amy Guth said...

Thank you, JDC.

Amy Guth said...

Oh, and, thank you too, Sparkypoo!

momma sparkypoo said...

Well look at this:

Just up the road in Skokie.

P.S. Glad you're feeling better.

Amy Guth said...

Thanks, Ma Sparkypoo.

Now, if only I was teaching people to sew so they'd let me buy from them. Sigh.