Jan 24, 2008


Today, a plumber comes. Finally. He bangs on some shit, he rearranges my closet, the yanks the access panel off the back of the closet so he can get a clear shot at the frozen pipes, blowtorches them for maybe two minutes, bangs on them with something, pops his head around the corner as I'm working and goes "no brrroken!" and leaves. Just walks out, gets in his truck and takes off, paying zero mind that I'm speaking to him, asking him about the shower. No, doesn't matter. Dude leaves. I give him a few, because there is a hardware store nearby so I'm thinking maybe he went there. No. I finally called my landlady, who makes calls, calls me back and, well, needless to say, I don't have a shower yet again and I'm done. I'm ready to move. Like yesterday. I chatted with a friend today, who armed me with a lot of great information in terms of the specifics of tenants rights and such. I'm ready. There is no reason anyone should plan her day around where she can borrow a shower.

It's a shame about this place, because it's a great apartment. For tonight and tomorrow, until the plumber returns tomorrow afternoon, I've been granted access to the shower in a vacant apartment two floors above. Weird, but traipsing through my building to shower is better than traipsing through the city to shower. Especially like today when the wind chill was twenty-five below. No. Tonight, I read an email from my friend Globetrekker Katherine who was just in Africa, swimming with whale sharks. Warm. Water. Doesn't that sounds like the best? Twenty-five below and showerless versus drifting in warm ocean water with whale sharks? Doy.

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wafelenbak said...

I'm glad at least that you have a local-ish shower now...
And yeah, tennant rights are being violated left and right here. I can't believe you have to deal with this when it is SO. FREAKING. COLD!!