Jan 28, 2008


So, let's see, where were we? The plumber, ah yes. So, the plumber and co. come, and they're delightful Romanian fellows, and we have the best time chatting about Romania and Romanian things. They were off all weekend, but are due to arrive any minute-- okay, they were due to arrive an hour and a half ago, and they'll begin shredding my bathroom, as well as the bathroom of my downstairs neighbor and perhaps this pipe situation will be settled in the immediate. And by "in the immediate" I mean, "until I move someplace else", of course.

To make things even more interesting, due to the flooding the other night, the city has prohibited parking on my block today for street cleaning.

Ah, wait, my landlady just called and the Romanians will not be here today. Le sigh.

So, show of hands, who all will be coming out to The Fixx on Thursday evening for Scott Korb and Peter Bebergal, co-authors of The Faith Between Us? They've come all the way from Brooklyn and Cambridge, respectively, and I'd love to give them a nice, big crowd.

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sparkypoo said...

Wanted to come, but that's the premier of the new LOST season!!
Hope it's a great one! (the reading, I mean) (well, the premier too of course!)