Jan 28, 2008


So, here's what I'm asking. If you have a book out, if you have a magazine, something like that, I'd like for you to destroy it a copy of it. Then, I'd like for you to turn those pieces into a piece of art and donate it to me to auction off at Pilcrow Lit Fest on May 24th to benefit New Orleans Public Libraries. Decoupage it onto something. Make a sculpture. Make a mobile. Carefully take it apart and put the pages back randomly. Anything you want as long as it's legal. I'm going to do it with a copy of Three Fallen Women. You don't even have to be a participating author or publisher, you just have to be willing to reconfigure your own book, get it to me, and let a stranger buy it. Want to? Fun, right? Just email me and let me know so I can make a spot for your art that night. I don't have a ton of spots at the venue, so the first people I hear from will be the people I'll hold spots for. It'll be swell. I promise.


Elizabeth Crane said...

Count me in.

Ben said...

Me too, I think I might be able to find an extra copy, or two, of Lucky Man in the house.

jewgirl said...

I am all over this, child. I'm posting about it, too. I'm hockin' everyone I know.