Nov 9, 2007


Guys, remember when I was talking about Sixwire? They're on the Next American Band and the lead singer, Andy Childs, is a long-time family friend. They did a really pretty cover tonight on the show, and they're super-hard-working and super-humble, super-nice guys who never take themselves too seriously and really work so very hard to make it work so I urge you to consider voting for them after the show tonight. And by "urge" I mean, of course, "demand". C'mon, most of you know how upstream it can be to do a creative thing for a living. I sure know, and I know a lot of you know, too. So, let's show some good people the good support they deserve.

Mmmmkay? Thanks.

Need the number? 1-866-U-LOVE-05 or 1-866-856-8305. You have only two hours to vote from riiiiight NOW.

Uh, that is a toll-free number, so it's not going to kill you or your phone bill. Ahem. Aaaad, VOTE!


Ben said...

We think Andy is kind of dreamy in our house.

Kathryn said...

i like your blog

Leah in Chicago said...

Done. (well, done like 20 hours ago.)