Nov 8, 2007


Well, I lived, of course, but g-d am I tired. I've gone non-stop since Saturday. Jesussassafrassafuckadoo, my brain is mush. There's a lot that's gone on this week, some blogable, some not. Bottom line, though, busy as shit, a few stunning moments, a few insane ones, lots of rushing around, the end, hello, goodbye. Add an emergency in there that finally had me sort of just shut off late last night, and that's about my week.

I think I would be great on that Wayne Brady karaoke game show. Man, when was the last time I even did karaoke? I think the last time, honestly, was two or three New Year's Eve Eves ago with Skirmish of Wit and Rational Leftist. No, no, wait, I did karaoke with my brother in a fab little dive in Texas during that jaunt of my booktour in May. Yes.

Anyway, I haven't done one single thing in my usual weekly to do worklist, so I've got to catch up. The "where is this?" and "why haven't you" emails are coming in and few things unravel me faster than that I-know-I-know-I-can't-do-that-just-now-but-I-haven't-forgotten-you-just-give-me-a-minute I-haven't-even-slept-a-full-night-this-week feeling. You know the one. Anyway. I bit of business just got rescheduled for tomorrow morning, so I have a half-day tomorrow of rushing around and figuring this whole mess out Trust me, you guys are going to be super-impressed when it's all said and done. It isn't the three projects that are killing me, it's the scrambling for freelance ---> start projects thinking coast is clear-----> mountain of freelance work come in -------> projects and freelance have to all be juggled that did me in. And that mysterious emergency, but I'm not going to blog about that. That's for me. Sorry. It is.

Oy vey. When it rains it pours. More after things wrap up tomorow.

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sparkypoo said...

Hope everything is okay, and the emergency is resolved.
Rest when you can!