Nov 15, 2007


My car is doing something funky. I suspect the fuel filter, so we shall see if my autoparts store fix does the job. I got one of those photo-tickets in the mail today, too. I was turning left on a busy street, with a green light. Cars continued through the yellow light, so when the light turned red, I went. However, I called and inquired and because my back tire was touching the white line of the crosswalk, I was technically not "in the intersection enough" to warrant turning. Sure, sure, perfectly reasonable. So, Chicago must be broke if this is the new game. Anyway, I've earned the right to give the city $100. Yippie for me. Good thing I sneeze cash!

Anyway, I just reviewed the weirdest book evah on Jewcy tonight. I loved it, it was just, uh, not quite what I thought it would be going into it. But, what are you sitting around reading my blog for? The Fixx Reading Series starts in an hour and a half! See you there!

But, before I go: I have major, giant news! Youse know my BFF Katie Schwartz, yes? Of course you do. Who doesn't? Well, she has this fabulous collection of essays, and just today the official word is that said collection of essays is going to be in print with none other than my beloved publisher, So New! And, yours truly is her editor! Do projects get more fun? I think not. Click your ass over to her and give her a hearty mazel to the tizz-ov.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Congrats on being Katie's editor!

Now about that cash sneezing thingy, how about you come down and visit me and...

jewgirl said...

Guthy, I am so excited. I can't believe I get to work with my bff. I can't believe SNM is publishing my essays. I've been plotzarella since yesterday. It's fuckin' tits to the tenth. (FS) is what it is. I love that you posted this.

Now, about the car... do we have resolution yet?