Oct 2, 2007


Good morning! Here at Bigmouth, two very important birthdays are the haps!

First, PNC281, who doesn't blog anymore but should, who makes the world better just by being, who is the greatest at snarking at fashion victims/reality television evah, who I just love to fucking bits, is celebrating a rather important birthday today. (Happy Birthday!)

And a year ago today, Three Fallen Women became available on Amazon, thus officially being released into the world. I suppose you could celebrate in style and go score a copy. Don't let me stop you. Har.

This morning, I'm heading out to record some audio clippage of aforementioned novel to bombard youse with and force you to make viral and download as a PodCast and all of that other sort of stuff one can do with an audio clip that I shall be learning how to do shortly. I woke up early this morning, well, my cat woke me up early wanting cat food, and I stayed awake thinking about projects and odds and ends and this deadline and that one and that sort of thing and finally just decided to get up. You know how it is. But anyway, that said, I need to dash. But, before I do:

For the daily dose (all month long!) of boobage that I've promised all of youse, click here to donate to my Making Strides Against Breast Cancer participation, click here to help fund mammography for women in need (totally free to you!) and check out these easy ways to support breast cancer research with stuff you might be planning to buy anyway: Origins (very fabulous) Make a Difference rejuvenating hand treatment has gone pink and Fretzels has whipped up a super-delicious special pink box of their awesome chocolate-covered pretzels. And, this year, I finally got the guts to participate in the Blogger Boobie-thon. I have two pics. Neither are posted yet. You won't be able to ever, ever tell which two racks are mine, but feel free to puzzle over it. I mean, hey, if you're gonna whip off your top for the entire online world to see, you might as well do it for a great cause (and anonymously, ha!).


Adam Deutsch said...

What's the correlation between the birthday of THREE FALLEN WOMEN and Groucho Marx, also born on this date?

I think I just found my next conference paper. Someone call AWP!

jewgirl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TFW! One-year ago... Wow. Amazing, toots.