Oct 9, 2007


Word up, party people. Er, something. The whirlwind of work is underway this week and it is awesome. It's one of those weeks that I can already tell that on Friday afternoon, I'll feel good and productive and ready to chill. But, I'm not too busy to say hello to all youse in Blogsylvania.

Let's see, what can I tell yas? I almost fell down a flight of stairs because someone put/dropped a granny smith on the stairs at the train station, I spent a little time downtown here and there, it's finally cooling off and feeling like actual autumn (not, say, Carribbean autumn), I sold my old laptop (from two laptops ago), you know, odds and ends. Now I'm settling in to do some work on another project that has a super-fast deadline about two and a half weeks away.

There I was fretting so much about not having enough freelance work, then I went out and really hustled and hustled and I'm not going to pursue any new work this week so I can stay on top of things. I usually keep a good balance of pursuing while completing, but the later part of summer was a little slow for my inbox. Anyway, glad it's full again.

But, before I dash back to my work, here is your daily scoop for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

But thank you to those of you who gave yesterday! I only need to raise $1,100 more to reach my final fundraising goal of $2,500. Please consider donating even a few dollars if you can. Every little bit counts. And, while you're clicking, head over to The Brest Cancer Site and click for free to arrange for free mammography for women in need, and to get your pink on, hit JB and Me, where all month they're giving you a discount and Komen a donation, and Philosophy's Shower for the Cure benefts the Women's Cancer Research Center.. and smells really pretty, too. And, here's a good page we should all bookmark and check back to next summer for a breast cancer benefit river rafting trip. How cool! (And, since we're going here and doing this all month long, check out this article about going pink carefully and doing your homework. Very important.)

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