Sep 15, 2007


First attempt to blog via Blackberry. I get an iffy signal here in Omaha, so who knows if this will work.


It's chilly and lovely and I'm still in bed, having slept in the attic art studio of a lovely local couple. I have a skylight window over my head and it looks fallish.

The trip out was great- Jami Attenberg (no idea how to make a link via Blackberry) and I tried very hard to name my next book, marveled at the amount of gangsta rap on the radio in Iowa, listened to a few great mix CDs instead, ran after a few feral kittens in a gas station parking lot, and read local real estate listings, amazed how much house you can buy in Iowa for the price of half of a condo in Chicago. She snapped a pic, too, of my bangs sticking straight up in the wind when the sunroof was open; maybe it will circulate shortly.

I have a bit of work to do this morning before the panels start up so I suppose I should get my ass up. Something about being under warm blankets early on a chilly morning, though, makes me want to stay put.

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Amy's Mom said...

Sounds Lovely!! Hope you have a fantastic time at the fest!!