Sep 20, 2007


I did the inaugural reading of The Nod last night and had a blast. We all read various odds and ends from our blogs, laughed very hard and it was, all in all, a lovely night. Co-creator Joe Janes blogged the whole scoop here (and was awesome enough to plug The Fixx Reading next week!) and go show some love to the other bloggers who participated (I loved them all): Moments of Coherency, I'm So Tired read in behalf of Madge's Musings (which are hilar-- listen to the phone clips if you are able on your interwebs viewing machine), The Life and Times of Big Calabaza, Lindsay Lives Here, Ocelopotamus, Liberty Valance, Clever Title by Nat Topping, and Don's Angry White Guy In Chicago (oh did I ever love his smoking rant).

Love the blogger meet-ups.

Today, I have much to do, as since I'm off booktour for about the next five months-ish, I'm looking to generate some new gigs and make some new contacts and such.


Confusion Say said...


Yeah, I was thinking if your hair and Claire's hair had a love child it would look like mine.

Also, I would have to agree with Joe your
"I just saw a drag queen with Down Syndrome." was one of the most hilarious things I've heard lately.

My friend and I were talking about that line later on that night.

Great Job!

Claire said...

Thanks for the mention! I like your frat boy eavesdropping pieces. Makes me want to visit Wrigleyville or Lincoln Park for inspiration. Actually, it would be really fun to get a group together for an eavesdropping outing! I would gladly organize.