Aug 21, 2007


My first guest post is up over on Jewcy. A little ditty about being authentic, which you can read right here. Naturally, I titled the post after a Simpsons quote. My favorite Simpsons quote, I might add. Uh, and do me a favor? The comments on Jewcy don't, you know, go to me, so don't choke those nice folks with the usual snarks we put in the comments here. We are guests over there and we have to be on our best behavior, mmmkay?

Let's see, what else is a-happenin'? I'm about to have some goodies up over on Hungry City. Remember how I wrote a bunch of restaurant 411 and reviews in one of the Hungry Chicago guides? Yes. Well, they're taking it online and asked me to cover the food/booze situation in Chicago for them. Not a dummy, I said yes. I'll do like a weekly post, either a short dishy list, or a longer feature of a place or neighborhood. Either way, fun.


sparkypoo said...

Guth galore! We love it!

Eric Spitznagel said...

There can never be enough Guth in the world. And Guth mixed with a dash of Simpsons snarkiness? That's a recipe for good times.

jewgirl said...

I'm so with ya spitz. We need more Guthy in the world!