Aug 11, 2007


Okay, I had a dream last night that I made this list of the wonders of the world and checked everything off of it, having seen it all. I did a little Googling, and realized I, doy, have a long way to go.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The Seven Wonders of the Medieval Mind The Seven Natural Wonders of the World The Seven Underwater Wonders of the World The Seven Wonders of the Modern World The Seven Forgotten Natural Wonders of the World The Seven Forgotten Modern Wonders of the World The Seven Forgotten Wonders of the Medeival Mind The Forgotten Wonders How many have you seen? I can count my checkmarks on two hands. So? Anyone up for a trip?


sparkypoo said...

Count me in if you plan a trip to the Galapagos or Stonehenge. :-D
(my own personal count is embarassing, though I do have a photo of my best friend in front of the pyramids)

PJ said...

I've seen very few of those wonders myself. I live in London, so Big Ben is nearby, and I've seen the Eiffel Tower on a couple of trips to Paris.

I really wanted to see Mt Fuji, on my trip to Japan, I even went on a day trip in the Hakone region where it is situated, but the view was obscured by a lot of fog.

I visited the Empire State Building on a short trip to New York, and the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Your list has reminded me of all the other places I want to visit. I'd love to go on a trip to check them all out.

Eebie said...

I love your sense of adventure. I have been to 23 of the spots. As an avid scuba diver I was sorry I only had been to one; the northern Red Sea. Check out my most recent post on some of my travels.

Schwartzy turned me on to your site. Sorry I will miss your performance on my trip to Chi-town; I'll be there the 17-19 Aug. I will keep you in mind for next time.

Anonymous said...

All I do is travel and I have seen many on your lists. 23
They missed the mighty and gigantic, 8th century Kailasa Temple at Ellora,India (Cave 16)
The size of the Parthenon, but not built, carved out of the living rock!

Sparky Mom said...

Here's a recent addition:

Talia said...

I've been to Big Ben, and really close to Stonehenge, Niagra Falls, and the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, but not close enough. I'm working on my list.

But doesn't Racine, WI ("the Hamptons of the Midwest") count? And what about Sheboygon, WI? I mean come on...Johnsonville Bratwurst!

kapgar said...

Did you just say "doy"? As in "no doy"?

Woah. Here I was using "boss" last week in a post and you're throwin' out the "doys." I think I love you! ;-)

Bubs said...

One of the things that can, if I let it, drive me crazy is the knowledge of how many places I have NOT seen in my life. I was looking at the book 1,000 Places To Visit Before You Die the other day, and it made me really sad. I felt poorly-traveled.

Anonymous said...

talia - "...I've been to Big Ben..."
Is he really big?, or is this an Urban myth like that Tommie Lee guy?