Aug 19, 2007


1. Back from Disco Wisco, rested and happy.

2. Ben Tanzer is a nice boy. Read what he wrote about my Three Fallen Women.

3. Come out to The Fixx Reading Series on Thursday night and meet Wendy McClure and Adam Levin. Get the scoop, links, directions by clicking here.


sparkypoo said...

Wow! You're venerable! :)
Glad you're back safe. Hope it was all you wished for and then some.

jewgirl said...

you're brilliant, guthalicious. love what he wrote about you, doll.

Anonymous said...

Disco Wisco?
Is this a real place?
You Yankees have a way with the English language.

Eric Spitznagel said...

1. Disco Wisco? That sounds like... what's the phrase I'm looking for here?... gay as a suitcase full of rainbows.

2. I would agree that Ben Tanzer is a nice boy. But as you and I both know, he also has a filthy sense of humor. Our post-Fixx reading drinking is not such a hazy memory that I don't recall his comments about fisting and whether a knuckle should be involved.

3. To paraphrase Principle Skinner, "Done and done... and I do mean done." Read into that as you will.