Jul 18, 2007


Maybe I was just looking out the window and saw a woman drive up, hop out of her car, throw her keys on the roof of the car and kiss a guy waiting for her on the corner, and as they did, it started to rain a little, then a lot, then she hopped into her car and drove away and he went back into his building. Sure, eye-roll-worthy in theory, but sweet to actually see. They looked happy beyond, so who can fault that? Not I, said the fly. Sounds a little cliche, maybe, kissing someone in the rain and all, but sometimes, I think a cliche can be okay, and when it is, it somehow isn't much of a cliche anymore at all. But, to be fair and to keep it from being too schmaltzy, they did seem to split because it was raining.

Yes, well. What did you kids do today? I worked on the odds and the ends again. Good fun. I should be combing Craigslist for gigs, but I think I've hit them all. Man, this slow time in the literary world is beating my butt. I'm scrappy, though, and hitting every avenue I know. I'm not going to drop off that easily. Puhleeze.


Leah said...

Cliché, but very romantic.

jewgirl said...

drop off? as if, honey. you're a literary goddess. more greatness is bursting around the corner. you are a tough cookie.

love a good cliche. it is sweet and a delicious reminder of sorts.