Jul 19, 2007


I've never read any Harry Potter. I've never read it, I've never seen the films, I've never eaten the vomit and earwax jellybeans. There, I've said it. Finally. I guess I'm not inclined. I don't have anything against little Harry Potter, I have nothing but love for wizards and shit, but I guess I would have read it all by now if I was going to. Yeah, yeah, never say never. I know.

Anyway, more strange dreams last night. I booked passage on a cruise ship and arrived to find people sleeping in shitty, leaky bins like sardines. And, thin, sickly, weary people, too. All wedged into little more than shelves, Auschwitz-style. As I'd be clicking along in a good conversation with someone, they'd vanish into thin air. The sleeping quarters were all under water, and looking out the little round window (I know there is a name for them, but I can't recall it at the moment-- Pa Guth?? Anyone?) creeped me out, so I slept on a deck chair upstairs near the poor, which was drained and dirty. I think I thought we were to sail through tropical water, but we were leaving New York harbor, circa Ellis Island's heyday, and quickly were in thick fog and chilly weather. but, I stayed on my deck chair and it warmed up and as it warmed, the ship became nicer and nicer until it was what I thought I was booking in the first place. Then, I was with Mermaidhead and we were in a strange city, though she kept insisting we were in Edinburgh because she wasn't "pregnant yet", though we were not, and I looked at a calendar and it was 1997 and she and I were doing that urban exploration rooftop-hop thing, then found a secret tunnel and ended up in these huge, glittery caverns, and met up with a few other people in the caverns, then went back to running rooftops and sliding down drainpipes and having so much fun. Then, there was a calendar in a window I peeked through and it was 2008 and Mermaidhead's kid-to-be was a toddler and running rooftops with this group of us, and though he was a toddler, he was far stronger and faster than any of us. Then, I told her I had to get back, and was suddenly back on the cruise liner and sat on the pool deck in the deck chair with legal pads and wrote and wrote until I was exhausted.

Thinly-veiled perceived state-of-the-career dream, I think, my friends....?


deadspot said...

I want to help you.
I just can't fit a porthole
into my haiku.

Amy Guth said...

Yes! Port kept coming to mind, but I was thinking no, port, like going into port, that can't be right.

Thanks! That wouldda bugged me all day. For reals.

jewgirl said...

what a wild dream, guthy. there's so much there. you must've woken up exhausted. you did so much!