Jul 11, 2007


Well, Einstein had a fun night.

The reading went wonderfully! Tim Walker read beforehand, and I was immediately struck by how similarly he and I write about the world and details around us. We talked about this a bit later, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Walker started, I finished, our work read well together. Neil (of diner fame-- see previous post) brought incredible food, so many people showed up (many of whom I'd met around town in the day leading up to the reading), people bought books, people laughed and seemed to be into things. It was perfect. I'm so happy.

I'd read here again anytime they'd have me. I really like the good, creative energy in the Arcadia Project building (the record store/coffeehouse/gallery space, etc.).

Anyway... after, we stopped by LopLop, for a quick sip (I love this bar) then I hit the hay while the crew hung out on the roof of the AP playing guitars and singing until the storm blew through in the middle of the night.

Overheard in Canada:

"Jeez, that jacket is so Paula Poundstone, eh?"

"Naw, they were doing, like, Slayeroke. It was all only Slayer songs! Anyway, I sang Rain and Blood, yeah."

"I'm not gonna say we broke up because she loves The Eagles, but, uh... yeah I think we broke up because she loves The Eagles."

"So there I was in Vancouver, right?, and I walk up to this CityWorks truck and there's this big burly guy, a worker, in the truck, and he's fucken listening to Material Girl so loud."

"Man, fuck that zoo. That's not even a zoo! They've got like two goats and a wolf!"


Anonymous said...

I like to listen to "Material Girl"
myself, and loud!

The burly guy is making 40 bucks an hour by the way! Those CityWorks guys are quiet the catch.wpsgvqd

Sizzle said...

glad it went so well!

those overheard comments? i can't stop laughing! ha ha ha ha!

Talia said...

I love reading your overheard conversations...do you write them down as you hear them or do you just remember them?

jewgirl said...

what a perfect night! I'm so glad that it went famously. yar an intahnashenal stah!

mazel bubbie. mazel.

Anonymous said...

Jaysus jewgirl, you're such a toadying sychophant.

AL RULES said...

i am glad you enjoyed yourself. you are always welcome to come back anytime you like. everyone loved you and asked when your next appearance will be. thanks for coming and i miss you already...