Jul 30, 2007


So, let's see, where were we? Ah, Saturday, I think. Yes. Well, I'd gotten an email from Elizabeth Ellen asking me to come to her reading at Quimby's on Saturday night, which I did. How could I not with a sweet personal invite, right? She shared the stage with Myriam Gurba and the two made a well-paired reading duo with their somewhat thematically similar reading selections, in the greater woman-finds-herself-by-stepping-outside-of-things sense. So very glad I went.

After, I had to scurry away to a birthday hoe-down for Jerkface, who I hadn't seen in forever, which was lovely and complete with all the trimmings of a good soiree-- a decent glass of wine, veg sushi, good conversation. I did stand in line for the ladies room as three young women chatted about how many men in the room they'd shagged, and found it rather funny that they agreed that at least four were horrible. Unforch.

The rest of the weekend and today I just did my thing. Tonight, I'm working still, but with a slow-ish week ahead of me, I am setting out to finish a manuscript, or come damn close. It's all I want to focus on this week, writing-wise. That's it.

Tomorrow my cat is three years old. He's getting his favorite organic catfood, a new squeaky mouse, catnip, and a few extra rounds of mouse-on-a-fishingpole. My parenting skills are top-notch, right? Poor cat, I smother him to bits and yet he tolerates me and my antics.


I wish the whole world was wireless. And, that I had a couch outside and a hot tub inside.

That's about it for now.


diane said...

Happy Birthday, Chairman Meow!(hugs & snuggles)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

"He's getting his favorite organic catfood, a new squeaky mouse, catnip, and a few extra rounds of mouse-on-a-fishingpole."

It's permissive parents like you that are spoiling this generation of kitty cats!

Amy's Mom said...

Happy Birthday, GrandCat! I can't believe you are three years old already. You have grown into such a handsome Kitty. Uncle Tigger has asked if he can have a double helping of Catnit in honor of your big day. He is such a Kitty PotHead!!

Amy Guth said...

Dude, you guys, you should see Ma Guth's big, fat, hairy pothead kitty. Total Garfield Stoner.