Jun 16, 2007


Look what magic arrived in the mail today from BookWoman of Austin!

(Before anyone thinks to call me on it, no I did not cut my hair. I said I wasn't going to cut it until my second book was completely finished and I am a woman of my word. My hair, in response to the muggy weather today, is tied back in a bun.)


jewgirl said...

beautiful! tits to the tenth power.

Doctor Bean said...

well, ok. i get the whole "i am woman, hear me roar" thing. but if i had an anatomical sketch on my T shirt labled "testes" that would be crude, or at least lame, right?

i guess what i'm trying to ask, without disparaging your estrogen pride, is: at what point in the revolution are you confident enough of your position as a woman that wearing a "uterus" t shirt becomes silly?

i gently suggest that we passed that point at about 1985.

Adam Deutsch said...

...which reminds me: Happy Father's Day.

Amy Guth said...

Doc, I'm supposed to wear it for estrogen pride? Damn, I went right for the silly and ridiculous.

There are always all of these revolutions and nobody ever tells me.

Doctor Bean said...

oh, come on. now you're just being evasive.

"spleen" would be silly and ridiculous, as would "patella". trust me, i'm a doctor. "uterus" is too clearly about femininity to convey any har-dee-har. "uterus" is all I-have-a-message-to-make in a way that "tympanic membrane" isn't.

anyway, you can certainly wear what you like, and i don't want my questions to sound at all hostile, just curious.

Amy Guth said...

No really, Doc, I don't disagree with you. I think the shirt is hilarious.

BookWoman was kind enough to host me in Austin to do a reading and to mail me a t-shirt and I simply want to thank them for going out of their way.

I wish I had your email address, by the by.

Amy Guth said...

That said, if you can find me a t-shirt that says spleen or patella or ulna or anything like that, I'd totally wear it. Haha.

Jack's Shack said...

Time to get a picture of the prostate for my tank top. ;)

papa smurf said...

long-time reader first time commenter!

i get your point, bean, but my wife had a hysterectomy at 30 and i don't think of her as less-woman.I know that wasn't really what you were saying but i would feel like a jerk to not mention it.

just had to throw that in for bean.

i've been reading this blog a long time and i don't think its author is militant or argumentative at all and she certainly doesn't take herself too seriously and if anything her initial reply says that.

just a thought.

kapgar said...

Um, I hate to point out the obvious, but you have a uterus on your shirt. That might make your priest uncomfortable.

Love Adam's comment, BTW.

Doctor Bean said...

Ms. Guth & Papa Smurf: ok. thanks for enternaining my annoying questions. (and papa: i merely said that a uterus is about femininity, not that it is required to be feminine. nevertheless, bravo for sticking up for your wife.)

Jack: is there any corner of the web you don't visit. you are everywhere!