Jun 17, 2007


Happy Father's Day to all, but a special Father's Day wish to the man who taught me my very first dirty jokes, who taught me to try to be fair, to not be afraid to be tough when I need to be, who made special repellent to chase monsters away at night, and...

... to the man I (probably) robbed of various hairstyling options with my antics as a teenager.

In any case, Happy Father's Day, to a great Dad and a great friend.


Amy's Mom said...

Good Grief!!!! Where did you dig that picture up from? Taken when.. 21, 22 years ago? Disney World?
I can only guess what my hair must have looked like. Perhaps that was my red phase.
I love both of those pics!!

Amy Guth said...

Longer ago than that, Ma Guth, look how tiny Lil Brother is.

Oh man, I forgot you did that red hair thing. Stick with the dark hair. Uh, yeah.

jewgirl said...

this is the sweetest post, amers.